Homily for Tuesday of the 6th week of Easter Year A (1)

Homily for Tuesday of the 6th week of Easter Year A


By: Fr. Ben Agbo


Homily for Tuesday May 19 2020

* Act 16 : 22 – 34, Jn 16 : 5 – 11.

When the Holy Spirit comes, he will empower us as believers and clear a lot of wrong conceptions. In today’s gospel, Jesus speaks of three essential functions that the Holy Spirit will perform ;

1.The secret of breaking with sin ; In the area of Moral theology, the Holy Spirit will reveal to mankind the true concept of righteousness proceeding from the Cross of Christ. He will show the world how to master sin not by mere self efforts as the apostles tried doing before the death of Christ but by complete surrendering to the grace of salvation coming through prayer.

2. THE DOCTRINE OF THE DIVINITY OF CHRIST ; In the area of Dogmatic theology, the Holy Spirit will reveal to mankind who was in the right between Jesus and the Jews who crucified him because he claimed to be equal to the father. The divinity of Christ and the doctrine of incarnation will become so clear that many Christians will understand both the flesh that was taken (our Blessed mother Mary) and the flesh that was given (the Eucharist).

3. THE ESCATOLOGY OF JUDGMENT ; In the area of Escatology (the doctrine of the end time), the Holy Spirit will reveal to the Church about the four last things – about death, judgment, hell and heaven. He will show the world the difference between the individual judgment and the final judgment – that on the last day, the world will witness the condemnation of the Prince of this world and the enthronement of the reign of Christ, Rev 12 : 12.

The Holy Spirit is ; (i) Our Counsellor – greatest teacher, (ii) Our Paraclete – greatest companion who stands always beside us , (iii) Our Advocate – greatest defender, (iv) Our Comforter – greatest helper and source of consolation, (v) The Spirit of truth – He will never allow us go astray. He is our Chief Security Officer. He proved that to Paul and Silas in today’s 1st reading when they were terribly flogged and imprisoned. They prayed and sang and the Holy Ghost came down. The jailer was made to realize that he needed a deeper source of security and found that in the Holy Spirit when both him and his whole household were immediately baptized. May the Lord reveal more to us what the Holy Spirit can do for us even in our own time.

May God bless you today!

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