Homily for Monday of the 6th Week of Easter Year A (1)

Homily for Monday of the 6th Week of Easter Year A

Theme: The Spirit of Truth

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Monday May 18 2020

(Jn.15:26-16:4) Monday of the Sixth Week of Easter

In today’s Gospel Jesus refers to the Spirit as the Spirit of Truth. It comes from the Father. Everything that comes from the Father is truth. Jesus witnessed to the truth. He Himself claimed to be the Truth. The apostles will encounter a lot of difficulties in proclaiming the truth. What is truth?

Even Pilate ask Jesus about it (Jn.18:38). Jesus did not reply. Not because He could not define it but because He is truth Himself. If Pilate could not see JESUS as the truth, no amount of explanation could make Pilate understand Christian Truth.

So, what is Christian Truth? It is everything about Jesus, what He said, did, and His mission. It is far from the world’s concept of truth. Reality as truth is limited. Christian truth extends to the next life. Thus, when Jesus speaks of the Spirit of truth, He meant adherence to all His teachings, God’s commandments, and salvation.

The Spirit of Truth is Jesus’ continuous presence in the world. With the Spirit, JESUS is always present.

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