Daily Reflection for Saturday after Epiphany (1)

Daily Reflection for Saturday after Epiphany


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi EHJ

Reflection for Saturday January 8 2022


Jn 3: 22-30.

The disciples of John sought guidance from him when they were in doubt. Do I give in to pride and show that I know everything? John helped them to rectify and purify their intention. There should be no envy by the bridegroom’s friend. Am I sad and jealous that others are better than me?

Lord Jesus, thank you for all you have enabled me to accomplish. Please I want to share in the joy of the success story of others. It is so true that God’s gifts to others are for my benefit. God please give me the grace to see it so. Thank you for their giftedness which has enriched me so immeasurably. Give me a loving spirit that acknowledges and celebrates the good quality of others. Amen.


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