Daily reflection for Wednesday, 5th day within the Octave of Christmas (2)


Daily reflection for Wednesday, 5th day within the Octave of Christmas


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi EHJ

Reflection for Wednesday December 29 2021


Lk 2: 22-35.

Jesus was presented in the temple following the Jewish law which Mary and Joseph faithfully observed. Jesus perfectly fulfilled the law of the land. I ought to constantly renew my dedication to God to whom I belong, and who alone has the power to give me life. Do I obey civil and religious laws? Does the presentation narration inspire me also to dedicate myself to God, to welcome Christ into my life with praise and gratitude, to be a light, to be purified and to patiently wait for the Lord? Like old Simeon do I know and recognize the persons and things of God?

Lord Jesus, help me to recognize your light and your presence everywhere I find myself. I present and dedicate myself to you today and everyday. Kindle in me the love and desire to live an upright and devout life like Simeon. Thank you for revealing your light to a Gentile like me. Bless all Priests and Religious. Help me to contemplate you like Mary and Joseph through silence, prayer, and Scripture. Amen.

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