Homily for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Homily for the 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: Be Virtuous

By: Fr. Patrick


Gospel: Mt 5:17-37 You have learnt how it was said to our ancestors; but I say this to you.

My dear friends, Jesus is encouraging his disciples to be virtuous. It’s not something that we hear much about nowadays. Jesus takes a few of the Ten Commandments and looks at them as opportunities to root out evil and selfishness in our hearts, so we may become virtuous after his own example, which is essential to our happiness. For example in the fifth commandment Jesus desires us not be angry or lose our tempter. The same applies to the other commandments. That’s a big ask and we can only do it with the assistance of God’s grace. If from time to time we get angry or feel resentful, look lustfully, are conceited, provocative, embittered, envious or grasping we should ask ourselves why is this the case? And what is at the root of it?

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My friends, Jesus desires us to go deeper with our faith and in the living out of our lives. He doesn’t want us just to avoid major evil, such as killing, theft or adultery, rather God wants us to be virtuous so that we can be the best person we can be. Only then would we be happy and assured of eternal happiness. Have you ever met an angry, bitter or selfish person who was happy? God knows what we need to live the good life, a fulfilled happy wholesome life: a life of virtue. Like anything worthwhile in life, virtue requires commitment and discipline as well as silent prayer seeking God’s assistance.

Conclusion of Mass – the takeaway
Jesus desires us to be virtuous which is essential to our happiness.



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