Reflection for Friday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I (3)

Reflection for Friday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi, EHJ


Reflection for Friday November 19 2021

Luke 19: 45-48.

To sell offering items in the temple in itself is not a bad idea, but should be frowned at if sold exorbitantly. I must have a holy and spiritual motive in all that I do. I must purify my intention and not do things for selfish interest. Do I stem out corruption and extortion, or do I contribute to it? Do I show off or defraud my fellow Church members? Is there a prayer corner in my room? Do I contribute to the maintenance of my Parish? How many people can give positive testimony about my good character and gentle unspoken words? How clean and holy is the temple of my soul?
Lord Jesus, reveal your presence to me when I come to adore you in the sanctuary. Help me to reverence places of worship as a place of divine revelation and encounter with you. Help me to be more aware of distractions, desolations and interference so as to be able to purify my inner temple and be more focused. Cleanse me of all vices that prevent my life from being a house of prayer. Help me to be daily aware that my body belongs to you, that it is the temple and dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, so I should take proper care of it and not use it anyhow. Amen.
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