Homily for Thursday of the 4th Week in Ordinary Time Cycle II (1)


Homily for Thursday of the 4th Week in Ordinary Time Cycle II

Theme: Beauty Of Simplicity

By: Fr. Gerald M. Musa

Homily for Thursday February 3 2022


We live in a world where there is a constant power tussle and chaotic scramble for material possessions. Amid all this confusion and misplacement of values, Jesus equipped commissioned, and sent his disciples with authority to preach repentance and forgiveness. He also empowered them to heal the sick and expel devils. Before he sent them out, Jesus taught them the beauty of simplicity and the value of detachment from inordinate worldly ambitions. He instructed them to have the right disposition for service. They were told to maintain a simple lifestyle – only a walking stick and sandals, no food, no sack, no money, no second tunic and to stay in one house. They are to be children of peace and not to quarrel with or hold grudges against anyone who rejects them; they are to eat what is set before them and not become complex and expensive guests. They are to rely more on God’s providence than on their power and wealth. Jesus wanted them to develop not just a habit of material or external simplicity, but a greater simplicity which is interior and inherent simplicity – the simplicity of the heart, which leads to the simplicity of attitude and simplicity of character. In short, He taught them how to serve with a sense of evangelical simplicity which is the ladder to true greatness. Do we ever remember to pray to God for the grace of simplicity, modesty, meekness, and humility?

Mark 6:7-13 Thursday, 4th Week

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