Homily for Thursday 7th day within the Octave of Christmas (1)

Homily for Thursday 7th day within the Octave of Christmas

Theme: THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE GLORY OF GOD….” The Word was made flesh”

By: Fr. David COMPTE i Verdaguer


Homily for Thursday December 31 2020

Today, is the last day of the year. Often, a mixed feelings —even contradictory ones— can be found in our hearts at this time. It is as though a sample of the different moments we have lived and those we would like to have lived make themselves present in our memories. Today’s Gospel can help us pour them out, in order to start the new year with strength.
«The Word was with God (…). All things were made through Him» (Jn 1:1.3). When making inventory of the year, it is necessary to think that every day we have lived was a gift. Because of that, and whatever the profit might be, it is necessary to thank God for every minute of the year.

The gift of life is not whole, though. We are needy. Because of that, today’s Gospel gives us a key word: “to welcome, to accept”. «And the Word was made flesh» (Jn 1:14). Accept God Himself! God, turning into man, puts Himself within our reach. “To welcome” means to open our doors, to allow Him to enter our lives, to be in our projects, in those acts which fill our days. To what degree are welcoming God, letting Him into our lives?

«For the Light was coming into the world, the true Light that enlightens everyone» (Jn 1:9). Accepting Jesus means to allow Him to question us. Letting His criteria influence our more intimate thoughts as well as our social and work performance. Let’s reconcile our actions to His!

«Life which for humans was also light» (Jn 1:4). Faith is more, however, than a few criteria. It is our life embedded into Life. It is not only effort —which indeed is. It is, above all, gift and grace. Life received at the heart of the Church, especially through the sacraments. What is the place of the sacraments in my Christian life?

«All who have received Him he empowers to become children of God for they believe in His Name» (Jn 1:12). What a passionate project for the year that we are about to start!

Fr. David COMPTE i Verdaguer
(Manlleu, Barcelona, Spain)

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