Homily for the Friday of the 30th Sunday of the Ordinary Time, Year A

Friday, 30th October 2020: THE GIFT OF DISCERNMENT!
* Phil 1: 1-11, Lk 14: 1-6
‘Necessity’, they say, ‘is the mother of invention’. Every law is born out of need for the common good of mankind. Every law is therefore subordinate to the supreme law of love. Jesus is arguing in today’s gospel, that for the sake of love, the law against doing work on the Sabbath day can be broken. For the sake of love, the convention of washing hands and feet before meals can be broken. For the sake of safety or human health / hygiene, the regulation for receiving Holy Communion in the tongue can be readjusted to the hand, especially during such pandemic like now. The laws/regulations about offerings, worship and different aspects of our devotion can be readjusted for the sake of love. It only requires a good dose of the Spirit of discernment which God gives to our bishops always, to be able to direct the Church aright. We all need a level of theological elasticity to be able to flow with Jesus and his Church at this realm.

In today’s 1st reading, St Paul harps on the idea that love can improve knowledge. He prays for the Phillipian Church that love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment to be able to approve what is excellent especially at critical moments of the ecclesiastical life such as now. Love improves knowledge since there is a big difference between knowledge of the head and knowledge of the heart. The former can be disruptive of peace while the latter can be constructive. May He who began a good work in us; in our various homes, parishes and dioceses, carry it through to completion. May God bless you today!

– Fr Benedict Agbo

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