Homily for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C (1)

Homily for the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C

Theme: THE MISSION OF CHRIST…..” Your Excellency may know the truth of all you have been taught”

By: Fr. Bernat GIMENO i Capín


Today, Jesus’ voice is brought to us by the evangelist saint Luke who, during this time of the liturgical year belonging to the “C” cycle, will be joining us. Luke writes his friend Theophilus, so that you «may know the truth of all you have been taught» (Lk 1:4). If that is why Luke is writing his friend, then we should better start pondering over the importance of the Gospel of our Lord —Word alive! and, therefore, always brand new— every day.

Today, the Word of God introduces Jesus the Master, when «He began teaching in the synagogues of the Jews» (Lk 4:15). He stood up, and like any other preacher, started to read a fragment of the Scriptures. A fragment that, precisely then, was accomplished… the great words of prophet Isaiah were being fulfilled; not only: all the words, all the contents of the Scriptures, whatever the prophets had been announcing is now being concreted by reaching its fulfillment in Jesus. It is no longer irrelevant whether to believe or not in Jesus, because it is the “Spirit of the Lord” who has anointed and sent him over.

Through His Word, God’s message is good news to the poor, proclaims liberty to captives and new sight to the blind; frees the oppressed and announces a promise of salvation. It is a message filling with hope all mankind. We, children of God in Christ by virtue of our baptism, have also received his holy anointment to participate in his mission: namely, to bring this message of hope to all Mankind.

By mulling over the Gospel that brings consistency to our faith, we can see Jesus preaching in a different way than the other masters: «He taught and his message had authority» (cf. Lk 4:32). Because He preached with his amazing deeds, with his example, by giving testimony and, finally, by offering his own life for all of us. We are supposed to do the same; we cannot just limit ourselves to words: our love for God and our brothers is in bad need of our deeds and examples. As a mother trying to guide our steps for that purpose, the Church proposes The Works of Mercy —seven spiritual and seven corporal—, which can indeed be very valuable for us.

Fr. Bernat GIMENO i Capín (Barcelona, Spain)

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