Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent Year A (5)

Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Lent Year A


By: Rev. Fr. Jacob Aondover ATSU


Homily for Sunday March 8 2020

READINGS: GENESIS 12:1-4, PSALM 33, 2TIMOTHY 1:8b-10, MATTHEW 17:1-9

According to Abraham Maslow, a renowned psychologist, there are moments in our lives when for an instant, we move (or see) beyond ordinary events to extraordinary ones. These moments for him are “peak moments”. These are defining moments of our very existence. In the Christian parlance, these are moments of transfiguration where like Peter, James and John, we are overwhelmed by an amazing presence of God. Abraham too had his peak moment as recorded by Genesis 12:1-4; he was to leap into the dark; he was to answer and heed God’s call, he was to obey the demand of God even as he barely knew what lay ahead of him. This peak moment of Abraham and his response to it not only earned him blessings and friendship with God, it also won many blessings for us the future generations (Gen.12:3).

Characteristic of our lives as Christians are peak moments, moments when we experience God as individuals or as a community; moments when we answer his call and make paradigm shifts pursuant to lives of blessedness and grace. Jesus Christ, on his way to Jerusalem to undergo the cross needed to be in touch with his Father to draw strength and secondly, he wanted his disciples to know what lay beyond his impending suffering and death. At his peak moment, he went on a retreat where he met God and came back stronger to face his mission. At the defining moments of our lives, we may do well to turn to God who can transfigure our despair into hope, our failures into success, and our troubles into blessings. Differently, in our peak moments, we may still hearken to God’s voice telling us to listen to Jesus, God’s beloved.

More so, God demands that we heed his call whenever and however the call comes. Abraham was faced with a defining moment in his life, he chose the right path and innumerable blessings ensued. According to the Hebrew syntax (of Genesis 12:1-3); the blessings God promised to Abraham were contingent on his going to Canaan. This is suggestive to the fact that God blesses us more when we heed his commands. True enough, his gratuitousness counts more in his dealings with us; yet, he is pleased when we harden not our hearts but listen to the voice of his beloved son.

God has but one call for us this Lent and beyond: that we leave wherever we are for wherever he leads. He desires that we leave those situations that leave us less Christian hence at loggerheads with our maker. He’d want us to make a paradigm shift: from sin to righteousness, from evil to good; from selfishness and avarice to selflessness and charity.

He calls us to leave our negative sides for the positive ones; that we leave our comfort zones of drunkenness, immorality, corruption, embezzlement etc and go to the discomforting zones of righteousness, chastity, love and goodness. That so, we may be earning for ourselves the blessings and favours of God.


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