Homily for Feast of the Annunciation (2)

Homily for Feast of the Annunciation

Theme: Saying Yes!

By: Deacon Bill Frere

Homily for Friday March 25 2022

Gospel – Luke 1:26-38

When was the last time you said YES? I mean a real unequivocal YES! Clean your room! Do your homework! Get a job! Set the table! Wash the dishes! When was the last time we said YES and really meant it?

A real Yes! Not yes but when I feel like it. Not yes but maybe later. Not yes but grudgingly and unwillingly. A YES without limits or conditions, a yes without any time frame or complete awareness of what your YES might mean. A total, willing, trusting YES!! Ever??
This is the YES we see in today’s Gospel. Mary, barely a teen, not knowing what the future may hold, not reluctant or afraid, not “let me think about it”, not YES but “not now”. Just a simple and total YES! Complete trust in God and in His plan for her. “Your will be done”

When was the last time we said YES with trust and faith, without conditions or time limits? What are we waiting for?


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