Tuesday homily for the 20th week in Ordinary Time Cycle I (1)

Tuesday homily for the 20th week in Ordinary Time Cycle I

Theme: FOR GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE….. “It will be hard for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven… Who, then, can be saved?”

By: Fr. Fernando PERALES i Madueño
(Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain)

Homily for Tuesday August 17 2021

Today, we contemplate the reaction provoked by the dialogue of Jesus with the rich young man: «Who, then, can be saved?» (Mt 19:25). The words our Lord addressed to the rich young man are very tough and severe, but they are supposed to awake and surprise our drowsiness. They are not isolated words, to be found here and there in the Gospels: this type of message is repeated twenty times. We must remember it: Jesus warns us of the obstacle riches and wealth represents to enter life…

And, despite it all, Jesus loved and called wealthy men, without demanding from them the abandonment of their responsibilities. Wealth, per se, is not bad; its origin is, if it was unjustly acquired or its destination, if it is selfishly employed without bearing in mind the needy, if it closes our heart to the true spiritual values (where there is no need of God).

«Who can be saved?». Jesus responds: «For humans it is impossible, but for God all things are possible» (Mt 19:26). —Lord, You know quite well men’s skills to attenuate your Word. I must say it, Lord, help me! Convert my heart.

After the rich young man left, sadly, because he wanted to stick to his wealth, Peter spoke and said: —Grant, O Lord, your Church and your Apostles, to be capable of abandoning everything for You.
«On the Day of Renewal, when the Son of Man sits on his throne in glory…» (Mt 19:28). Your thoughts are aiming towards this “day”, towards the future. You are a man with a tendency towards the end of the world, towards the plenitude of man. Then, Lord, everything will be new, renewed and beautiful.

Jesus Christ says: —«You who have given up everything will sit with the Son of Man… Will receive a hundredfold… and be given eternal life… (cf. Mt 19:28-29).

The future you promise to your disciples, to those who have followed you and have given up all obstacles… is a happy future, and it is the abundance of life, the plenitude of life.
—Thank you Lord. Guide me towards that day!

Fr. Fernando PERALES i Madueño
(Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain)

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