Short homily for the Feast of St Luke, Evangelist


Short homily for the Feast of St Luke, Evangelist

Theme: About this Greek Doctor!

By: Rev Fr Oselumhense Anetor Uromi Diocese


Homily for Monday October 18 2021

Feast of St Luke, Evangelist, October 18

2 Tim.4:10-17; Luke 10:1-9

It’s not unusual for hospitals to be named after St Luke, because the Evangelist was also a trained physician, who got converted to Christianity by Paul himself. When I was still in the Campus, today was a big day for us at St Luke’s Chaplaincy, ISTH, Irrua. Being Paul’s companion, Luke wrote his gospel from Paul’s teachings. He is also believed to have written the Acts of the Apostles. St Luke wrote primarily for the Gentiles, which is why he takes time to explain Jewish customs and traditions in his works.

In the first reading today, only Luke is with Paul as he refuses to desert him as others had done. This shows that Luke was very committed to the faith, unlike Alexander the coppersmith, who was a thorn in Paul’s flesh. Paul makes sure to warn Timothy about the latter. In the gospel, Luke further gives us an insight into the ministry of disciples, who are sent ‘like sheep in the midst of wolves’ without possessions and riches. He reminds us that the disciples first learn from the master; they take the message of Christ everywhere. They bring peace, heal the sick, and remind us that God’s kingdom is close at hand. Are we ready to be God’s labourers?

Good morning dear. God bless your day ahead. Happy Feast of St Luke!

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