BY: Fr. Albert Nwosu

After pride, I think ingratitude was the second cause of Lucifer’s fall. That angel was beautiful but he was ungrateful. He had the voice, but lacked the gratitude. He was raised by God’s own hands, but ingratitude blinded him, and even though he had the aura, he lacked the composure to stand before the Holy of Holies because pride made him ungrateful to the one who raised him high among the seraphim, so he wanted more. That angel had everything, but he lacked the oxygen of humility and as such, the breath of life was missing because with pride comes ingratitude. Ingratitude is debilitating disease. It’s a cancer that eats up whatever it touches. Any investment you make in an ungrateful person is a waste. If you are ungrateful, going far in life will become a problem for you. If they like, let them soak you in olive oil until you become like plantain chips, you will still not go far because you will need the wings of gratitude to soar. You can be anything but please, don’t be ungrateful. Don’t forget that ingratitude will make you feel entitled, because ingratitude and entitlement mentality are like Siamese twins. Never forget the hands that raised you; be grateful to them.


The first sin of man wasn’t just the sin of disobedience; man was first ungrateful and that’s why he gave room to Satan. Man fell for Satan’s trick because he wanted more; he was ungrateful for what he had and as such, he wanted more and Satan seized that opportunity to topple him. Satan told them that they would become like God, and ungratefully, they fell for the bait. They were like God before he said those deceptive words to them, after all good created them in his own image and likeness; but their hunger for more made them disobey God in order to be like God. Once you become ungrateful, you won’t see anything good in what you already have, no matter how precious and valuable such is. Ingratitude will blind you to the work God did, is doing and will do in your life. You don’t need prayer and fasting to solve they problem of ingratitude in your life; all you need is to find reasons to thank God and your fellow men and women when they help you. Don’t use people’s help against them and don’t become their bitter enemies in the long run. Don’t feel that they should have done more; be grateful for the one that they did. Meister Eckhart once said that, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”


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