Reflection for the Solemnity of Epiphany of the Lord (2)

Reflection for the Solemnity of Epiphany of the Lord


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi EHJ

Reflection for SundayJanuary 2 2022


Mt 2: 1-12.

Like the wise men I also have the desire to follow the path that reveal and manifest the glory of God. When they found the Child Jesus after a long and difficult journey, they offered gifts, and were lost in wonder at the sight of the kingly but fragile appearance of the toddler. They travelled and searched together treasuring collective wisdom. Do I value the support, prayers and ideas of my group/team members? Am I a star to others? Who are the stars in my life? How deep is my worship and adoration in times of prayer? Am I grateful for all the spiritual guidance I receive in my challenging journey of life? Am I a wise person still seeking for God in all aspects of life?

Thank you Baby Jesus for the gift of yourself to mankind. Thank you for the times you have allowed me to be the star that brightened the life of others. May your kingship, passion and burial always remind me to make my life a gift to those around me. Give me a heart of gold, make my feeble prayers ascend to you like incense and grant me the grace of a happy death. Amen.

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