Reflection for the Feast of Annunciation (1)

Reflection for the Feast of Annunciation


By: Sr. J. K. Osiyemi EHJ

Reflection for Friday March 25 2022


Lk 1: 26 – 38.

Mary’s question, “How can this be, since I have no husband” is not prompted by doubt or skepticism, but by surprise and wonderment! She had a simple dialogue of faith asking for an understanding of how it will happen, so that she can better play the role expected of her. She did not say “Why?” which would have signified reluctance and hesitance! I love and respect Mary because she bore Jesus the Word of God, and our Saviour, and because she devoted her life to him. Mary is a true hearer of the Word, therefore, she courageously responded with faith and trust. Lord, there are so many times that fear keeps me from saying yes to you. When do I hesitate in saying “yes” to God? Am I a herald of positive information/news? Like Angel Gabriel do the ‘news’ I deliver impart and transform lives for Christ? How frequently and how well do I reflect on the Word of God and the mystery of incarnation which we celebrate today?

Incarnate Jesus, I thank you for giving us Mary as an example of faith and trust in God. You who make the impossible possible, hear the prayers of my friends and relations who seek earnestly for the fruit of the womb. Help me to understand that by my yes I am becoming a large part of your plan for our world. Grant me the courage to say “Yes” even when I have great fear of the outcome. Amen.

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