Reflection for Saturday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I (2)

Reflection for Saturday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I


By: Sr. K. J. Osiyemi, EHJ


Reflection for Saturday November 20 2021

Luke 20: 27 – 40.

Death is not the end of life, and marriage is not a vital issue in heaven. I believe what I have been taught from childhood, that there is life after death. I believe in the resurrection of the dead. Without resurrection there is no hope of eternal life. When I close my eyes can I imagine what splendid and amazing life there is after resurrection? What do I think will happen to me after I die?
Lord Jesus, you are the God of the living. In you all things are alive. In you there is continuous presence. l know that marriage is good, but the afterlife is more beautiful and, glorious. Help me to repair my way of living in this life so that I may spend eternity with you when I die. May my loved ones who have departed this world enjoy the dynamic sweetness of heaven. Amen.
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