Monday homily of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I (1)

Monday homily of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I

Theme: THE MISSION OF CHRIST OUR MISSION….. “Today these prophetic words come true even as you listen”

By: Fr. David AMADO i Fernández
(Barcelona, Spain)


Homily for Monday August 30 2021

Today, «these prophetic words come true even as you listen» (Lk 4:21). With these words, Jesus comments at the synagogue of Nazareth a text from the prophet Isaiah: «The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. He has anointed me» (Lk 4:18). These words have a meaning that goes beyond the specific historical moment when they were said. The Holy Spirit fully dwells in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit sends him to believers.

But, in addition, the words of the Gospel are the words of both eternal and current life. They are eternal because The Eternal One has said them, and they are current because God makes them to be permanently fulfilled. When we listen to the Word of God, we have to receive it not as a human speech, but as the Word that has the power of transforming us. God does not speak to our ear but to our heart. Whatever He says is profoundly full of meaning and love. The Word of God is an inexhaustible source of life: «Who, O Lord, could possibly penetrate with his mind even one of your utterances? Just as in the case of thirsty men who drink from a fountain we leave behind more than that we can take a hold of» (St. Ephraem). His words come out of the heart of God. And, from this heart, from the Trinity’s bosom, Jesus came —the Father’s Word— to mankind.

This is why when, everyday, we listen to the Gospel, we must be able to say, along with the Virgin Mary: «May it be done to me according to your word» (Lk 1:38); to which God will reply: «Today these prophetic words come true even as you listen». However, for the Word to be effective in our lives, we must get rid of all our prejudices. Jesus’ contemporaries did not understand it, because they were looking at him with human eyes only: «Who is this but Joseph’s son?» (Lk 4:22). They could see Jesus Christ’s humanity, but they could not appreciate his divinity. Whenever we listen to the Word of God, beyond its literary style, the beauty of its expressions or the singularity of the situation, we must remember it is God who is speaking to us.

Fr. David AMADO i Fernández
(Barcelona, Spain)

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