Homily for Wednesday of the first week of lent year A

Homily for Wednesday of the first week of lent year A

Theme: Humble yourself and repent

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


(Lk. 11:29-32) Wednesday of the First Week of Lent, Day Eight (8) of Lent

In today’s Gospel Jesus was asked to give a sign on who He really was as He claimed. His preachings and his miracles were not enough for His crowd specially the religious leaders of His time.

JESUS knew that it was a case of no matter what He said and did, they will not believe. The Messiah they were awaiting did not fit JESUS and His circumstances. JESUS even mentioned SOLOMON who was gifted with wisdom and Jonah who was sent by God to Nineveh.

The people believed in SOLOMON and the Ninevites responded with repentance hoping God will not proceed with the destruction of Nineveh which had become so sinful. And JESUS was much much greater than Solo and Jonah. JESUS called them an evil generation. They were strong words reflective of how important was repentance to God. JESUS praised the Ninevites because they listened to Jonah. The king immediately commanded a fast for the whole city. The queen of the south was from a far away place yet she sought SOLOMON for his wisdom.

JESUS could not believe the hardness of heart of the Jews. What He said and did we’re already considered extraordinary. Yet, they still had the nerve to ask for a sign. We are in similar situation. The threat of the reimposition of death penalty, the extra judicial killings, the persecution of the Church, corruption, discrimination, and other sins seem to represent a people who do not believe in God or if they do, do not agree with Him. There are even some who interpret and distort God’s words to advance their own vested agenda. We had also become an evil generation.

Indirectly, we are asking for more signs rather than humble ourselves and repent. Nothing will be given. We ought to read the signs of the times which are in our midst. The never ending wars, continuous poverty, emergence of new sicknesses, destructions and divisions of families, promiscuity are all clear signs of our sins and needing repentance. No less than JESUS Himself had been sent to us and taught us about life and salvation.

Let us look at JESUS. Let us seek His guidance. Let His Spirit consume us and lead us to repentance.

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