Homily for Wednesday of the 4th Week in Ordinary Time Year A (1)

Homily for Wednesday of the 4th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: Familiarity breeds contempt

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


(Mk. 6:1-6). Wednesday of the Fourth Week in Ordinance Time

In today’s Gospel Jesus laments the rejection of His townsfolk. He was teaching in the synagogues and His miracles reached their ears. But He was questioned by everyone who knew Him. He was the son of a carpenter, and a simple woman named Mary. They could not believe one from Nazareth could give those teachings and perform those healings. Indeed, Jesus followed what other messengers from God experienced. No prophet was without honor except in his own place. Their knowledge of Jesus led them to the conclusion that He could never be the Messiah or even a great prophet.

Familiarity may, at times, blind our relationship with the Lord. A servant is prone to this. Because of his constant contact with God, one may feel privileged thus developing a feeling of closeness which may be accompanied with disrespect or lack of respect. Such was the case of Jesus’ neighbors in Nazareth. Knowing the background of Jesus led them to take Him for granted and eliminated Him of His potentials.

Ministers optionally bow before the blessed sacrament. Reverence is compromised. They think they are exempted from some Christian duties like donating in churches, giving alms, going to confessions, recollections, retreats, etc. They do not dress appropriately. They pray less. On the contrary, they need to exemplify more on the above. The responsibility of being a model of Christian life is great. Familiarity breeds contempt. Jesus was not able to perform miracles because His town mates did not believe Him. For them, He was just one of them, son to Mary and Joseph, and makes a living through carpentry. If they just opened their eyes, minds, and hearts, they could have realized they had the Messiah in their midst.

This what lack of faith brings. I, too, was a victim of it. My high school classmates could not believe I was a priest. Even our neighbors were surprised. It was because they knew me when I was growing up in our neighborhood and in our school. However, after realizing I was really a priest, they believed. In fact, in every sacramental celebration like weddings, confirmation, confessions, and baptisms, I was always invited to celebrate it.

We must be open to everything happening around us. God is present in so many ways. Let us welcome Him with faith when we do recognize Him. And miracles will happen.

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