Homily for Wednesday of the 3rd Week of Lent Year A (1)

Homily for Wednesday of the 3rd Week of Lent Year A


By: Fr. Ben Agbo


Homily for Wednesday March 18 2020* Deut 4: 1 – 9, Matt 5: 17 – 19.

The Word of God in today’s 1st reading says: Give heed to the statutes which I teach you and do them that you may live and take possession of the land. Obedience to God’s laws has always remained the basic precondition for divine blessings. It is therefore the highest deceit of modern day Christianity to inundate people with the promises of God’s blessings without the requisite emphasis on obedience to his commandments.

Liberalism has gradually crept into the Christian religion undermining subtly all God’s pristine laws; compromising the law against worship of idols in the name of culture, swearing, abusing Sunday worship, relaxing the demand for offerings and tithes or exploiting the people of God through it, disrespecting of parents, abortion and cults of violence, immorality, theft and unaccountability in leadership, calumny, envy, avarice, etc.
How did Jesus intend to complete the law? He did this by showing that religion in its essence is a matter of the heart. When a man is inwardly changed by the grace of God because he loves God and neighbour, he becomes a law onto himself being guided by the spirit of God. Christ said that from the heart comes a lot of evil thoughts and actions, Mk 7: 14f.

He perfected the law against adultery by forbidding fornication and impure thoughts and emphasized the indissolubility of marriage.
He perfected the law against murder by forbidding anger and vengeance and emphasizing the love of enemies.

He perfected the law against breaking of oaths by advising us not to swear at all.
We must avoid the onslaught of liberalism the way it is gradually permeating modern day Christianity. Many places in Europe will prefer to attend Church on Saturdays and use Sunday for shopping. Here in Nigeria, many Christians are doing their normal businesses on Sundays. Many preachers are encouraging pagan masquerades and other heathen funeral cultures in the name of inculturation. Many couples are living with their partners and getting pregnant before wedding. Abortion and use of contraceptives have become the order of the day especially among Christian couples. Christ is still warning us that whoever relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven.

May God bless you today!

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