Homily for Wednesday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year II (2)

Homily for Wednesday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Year II


By: Rev. Fr. Jacob Aondover ATSU


Homily for Wednesday January 29 2020

READINGS: 2SAMUEL 7:4-17, PSALM 89, MARK 4:1-20

God’s word goes into whichever heart it is sent, converts some, heals others, comforts many whilst leaving others angered, aggrieved and pained; pained because of their evil or unrighteous ways of life. Beloved friends in Christ, God’s word calls us to be fruitful in good works, it invites us to righteousness in a secularized and sinful world. How do we receive it? Does the lure of more attractive yet vain things of life choke the challenge of the word so that we produce nothing? Today is a reminder that we reflect on how we receive God’s word and whether or not we are being productive.

God, the sower takes the initiative by planting the seed of faith in our hearts gratuitously, it is a blessing, a grace completely unmerited. Our response to God’s word can come along four fronts: the seed on the path is THE FIRST RESPONSE (Mk. 4:4.15). it represent the followers of Christ who lack the moral disposition necessary for true conversion. These lack time, commitment and that extra effort to strive for a better understanding of the word; so as the birds feast on the seed scattered on the path, so too the devil snatches the faith sown on our fickle hearts.

THE SECOND RESPONSE to God’s word: the seed that fell on rocky ground (Mk. 4:5-6.16-17). this is where many of us fall. We often times profess faith in the Lord but are spiritually very shallow, we are religious but not spiritual; we are simply superficial in our commitment to the word hence we seldom bear fruits. THE THIRD RESPONSE: the seed among thorns (Mk. 4:7.18-19). Are many of us not too attached to the cares of this life that we hardly let God rule our lives? We prioritize the events of our lives and God ranks very low; prestige, power, possession, pleasure, etc. always take precedence. How then can we be productive?

Friends in the Lord, the MOST IMPORTANT RESPONSE: the fruitful heart on which the sown seeds sprouts and produces a rich harvest (M. 4:8.20). Here we have the very committed Christians, who listen to the word, allow it permeate their being and are truly disposed and docile to his bidding. In these hearts are love, compassion, truth and justice; kindness and charity, righteousness and care for the poor, weak, orphaned and downtrodden, etc.

God, the sower lies in wait for us to move from the roadside, rocky and thorny soils to the fertile soil where we could produce rich harvest as pursue heaven. When we respond to him as we should, he’ll establish our homes, cut off our enemies and grant us peace as he did for the house of David. How long are we going to keep him waiting?


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