Homily for Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A (1)

Homily for Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A

Theme: I will give you rest

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Wednesday December 11 2019

(Mt. 11:28-30) Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent

In today’s Gospel we have one of the most consoling and comforting from the Lord Jesus. To the weary, tired, heavily burdened, and struggling in life, Jesus invites them to Himself. Jesus offers Himself to provide rest. He claims He can share His own experience in dealing with life’s and faith’s challenges. Meekness and humility have a lot to do about it. More than everything, Jesus goes for the salvation of the soul.

What is in Jesus and His meekness and humility which can give rest to our souls? No doubt He experienced life to the full. He had His share of life’s ups and down and suffered and die in His ministry. It was a violent death yet many spiritual persons and exegetes said that all through His passion, He was meek as a lamb. And when He came to be born in fulfillment of the Father’s will, He humbled Himself to become one like us, born in a manger, and had simple parents like Mary and a carpenter named Joseph. He taught with authority and made miraculous deeds. Thousands of years later, He became the most popular and most quoted person to ever walked this earth.

We are far from being Jesus. But we can learn from Him. To be meek does not mean to just accept everything passively or wimpiness. Jesus’ meekness is more of having a gentle attitude in dealing with and in correcting others. He was very effective. Not everything can be achieved violently, forcefully, or inflicting fear. In the process, Jesus became attractive to many and His words and examples penetrated the hearts and minds of those He met.

The world had tried everything: war, terror, threats, aggressiveness, technology, power, riches, etc. The world is still not in A-1 condition. In fact, it is far far worse. Not everything is economic, political, or power. It is also spiritual. If only the world will include God in everything, it will be better off. Jesus had done it once. He promised to be with us.

Unfortunately, we abandoned Him. If we stick to Him, life will be better and very manageable. Come! Let us be embraced and consoled by Jesus’ love and care.

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