Homily for Wednesday of the 29th week in Ordinary Time Cycle I

Homily for Wednesday of the 29th week in Ordinary Time Cycle I

Theme: The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

By: Fr. Deotacious Chikontwe SMA


Homily for Wednesday October 20 2021

Romans 6:12-18
Psalm 123
Luke 12:39-48

Most of us don’t like to be taken too much by surprise. We like to think that we have a good idea of what is coming down the road and when it is coming. Yet, we know from experience that the unexpected does happen. It is that experience of the unexpected that features in the parables Jesus speaks in todays Gospel reading.

St. Paul says: “Do not yield your members to sin as instrument, but yield yourselves to God as men who have been brought from death to life.” Yield your bodies to God. Give more time daily to prayer and meditation, let your mind be transformed daily by reading the Bible and other holy books. Whenever temptation comes, drop down on your knees and pray. Before you know it, sin will no longer have dominion over you, its power over you will just fizzle out like a candle that goes off when the wind is heavy.

In the day’s Gospel Jesus reminds His disciples to be always prepared to account before the Lord. That will come at an unexpected day. Thus, like a servant who is responsible while his master is out, he will be rewarded. But if he is irresponsible, he will be answerable to God.

The Son of Man comes to us in the course of our lives; his daily coming in the midst of life can also be unexpected. The Lord may call us to do something we had never thought about; he may take us down a path we might never have gone down if left to ourselves. The Lord can come to us through unexpected people, through people we would never think of as the Lord’s messengers. The gospel reading suggests that when it comes to the Lord, we can expect the unexpected. As Isaiah says, his ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts. He is always the God of surprises and that requires us to be alert and attentive to his many unexpected comings.

Dear brethrens, we need to keep treasuring the many graces we have received from God and live out of what has been entrusted to us. We have been graced by the Lord so that we can grace others with what we have received.

Fr. Deotacious Chikontwe SMA

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