Homily for Wednesday of the 1st Week of Advent (2)

Homily for Wednesday of the 1st Week of Advent

Theme: Invitation into God’s presence

By: Fr Francis Onwunali


Homily for Wednesday December 1 2021

The central message of our readings today is an invitation into God’s presence which is symbolically represented by the image of a mountain. The mountain top experience scripturally is always an encounter with the divine.
In the first reading (Is 25: 6-10), to assuage their hunger for liberation from captivity, Isaiah gives a prophecy of the Reign of God to the Israelites. Not only will the Lord of host provide the basic necessities for them on the mountain but the best of everything. The Reign of God is marked by celebration and feasting.
Up on the hill of Galilee, Jesus in the gospel (Matt 15: 29-37) liberated and made whole all who came to Him and were held bondage- the lame, blind, deaf, dumb, sick; feeding them afterwards to satisfaction. Jesus equipped them for the journey.
Dear friends, the invitation into God’s presence is open to us all. It requires our consent and desire so that the grace of God can accompany us to this divine mountain of God’s presence. In our journey to the mountain, we may walk through the vally of darkness (Ps. 23) but we should fear no evil for He is with us to give comfort. In the presence of our enemies, God will supply us with abundance of His goodness.
I pray as we journey in life today, may no life situation be so enormous as to deny us the joy of this mountain experience. Lord Jesus, you alone can satisfy the longing and hunger in our hearts. May we thirst for your Kingdom and find joy in your presence. Give us the true bread of heaven and nourish us with your life-giving word. Have a Divine encounter-full day!

May the blessings of this New Month abide with you abundantly. HAPPY NEW MONTH!

Fr Francis Onwunali

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