Homily for Wednesday of the 19th Week in Ordinary Time Year A (2)

Homily for Wednesday of the 19th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: The Lord never abandons his good people.

By: Fr Callistus Emenyonu, CMF.


Homily for Wednesday August 14 2019

READINGS: Debut. 34:1-12, PS. 65, Matt 18:15-20
The scripture was right when the book of the psalm testified that the Lord is slow to anger abounding in love; his anger last a moment and his favour all through life. At night there can be tears but the dawn comes with joy. Our just and Holy God does not allow his vexation to be unjust, forgetful of the past or not recognizing the good deeds of his people. Even if he is angry, it has a justifiable end and compensation to give for faithfulness of the past. He does not condemn outrightly his own people because if he should mark our guilt no one would survive.

Beloved, yesterday his anger about Moses’ disobedience brought an end to his leadership role in the land of Israel even on a ripe age of 120yrs. God in justice did not deny Moses completely the dream of seeing the promised land despite his disappointment and anger against Moses. He patiently led him near it and made him stand on the merciful considerate mountain to see his dreamland: Canaan. Beloved, today God of forgiveness and compassionate mercy took care of the end of Moses. He did not allow him die miserably in shame but meritoriously brought him to a peaceful unprecedented end. Who has the Lord accompanied to his last breath and buried him by himself in a secure land if not his servant Moses? All humans die and a buried by man and their graves matched on foot. Only Moses was given this honour. Till today God placed angelic watch over his grave that no one knows where he is buried or seen his grave.

Beloved, David was right to say that it is better to fall into the anger of God than that of the sword of men. God has compassion and a way to compensate his people. He said it truly that his plans for us is not disaster but goodness and blessing. If the Lord is truly your Shepherd, you will not want anything because he shall provide beyond your due and expectation. God may have treated you in your judgment unkindly but he will not allow your body know decay or your soul know corruption. He will not allow you end up in shame. Your end would be glorious and marvel your enemies who await to laugh you to scorn. The Lord you have truly served even in your weakness shall set you on mountain top and use you to set a record of joy and glory never heard or seen. This is the lot of those those trust in the Lord and who never became angry at the Lord’s will in their lives and the treatment he gives them like Moses who accepted the Lord’s decision to end his life before entering Canaan.

Beloved, the Lord wants us to settle our quarrels before it gets late. He wishes we live in peace and reconcile with our offenders. He gives us the procedures. Let’s trust in the Lord and follow his instruction. He will surely not count on our iniquities but on our forgiving heart and sue for peace. This surely shall give us a peaceful and glorious end like Moses.
May the Lord never abandons us but treat us with compassionate love and show us his mercy. May he give us the grace of final perseverance and grant us the grace of peaceful and humble but peaceful reconciliation with our offenders, Amen.

Fr Callistus Emenyonu, CMF.

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