Homily for Wednesday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time Year A (2)

Homily for Wednesday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Intention for the Day: Prayer that all the good things we see in faith shall be our portion. Amen.

By: Fr. Cyril Akindele Osadare

Homily for Wednesday August 7 2019

Readings: Numbers 13:1-2, 25-14:1, 26A-29A, 34-25; Matthew 15:21-38

We won’t blame many persons who see only one way to things. After all, people would talk about what they see. However, it’s always better to hear more than the cacophony of words, to see more than those colours and images, to go beyond the ordinary. In actual fact, the power of interpretation and analysis is far more important than the power of grasping things. Before one start concluding on anything, do a proper analysis and think again about it. There may after all be another meaning to things.

That’s the difference our readings of today points out. In the first reading, the people of Isrealites saw just giants and couldn’t see the hand of God. But the woman in the gospel didn’t see obstacle, she didn’t hear insults, she was hearing another voice inside her consistently convincing her of possibility.

My dear friends, what do we hear or see in the world. Just trees, roads, colours or we see opportunity and greatness. Things are what we call it for ourselves. The Isrealites called it defeat and so it was fur them. But the canaanite woman called it possibility and so it was for her. Let’s call what is good for ourselves. Yoruba will say “a pe mo ara eni ni a n pe temidire- we call my own is good by calling it so. Let’s call things good for ourselves and live by it.

May the Lord make our lives to become the good we say to ourselves. Amen.