Homily for Wednesday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time Year A (1)

Homily for Wednesday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: God calls us to reveal to us what was hidden from the wise and learned.

By: Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu


Homily for Wednesday July 17 2019

READINGS: Exodus 3: 1-6.9-12, Ps. 103, Matthew 11: 25-27

God remains a mystery and his ways are mysterious and cannot be comprehended by mortal man. The questions are: Why would God call man and wish to collaborate with him?

Why would God send man on a mission when he has power to do whatever he wills and anything he wants? Man that is sinful, unreliable and weak is given divine assignment and expected to bring fruition and perfection in it. The circumstances with which God calls and the scene of his calls sometimes marvel people. Even the choice of God and how he prepares the one he calls is mysterious as well. God knew the predicament of Israel and he allowed them suffer for a while before giving them a messiah. He called Moses from his mother’s womb that is why he spared his life mysteriously. He made him know his mission and empowered and directed him to begin it even before the official call. God lured him to the mountain of God called Horeb and there attracted him with an awesome sight. God has always shown himself at mountains and so mountains are seen to be the living place of God perhaps due to its lonely and silent state and high nature. God likes silence and meditative state and reveals himself there. God is seen to be higher than everything and so symbolically uses mountain to depict his Almightiness and highest nature. God would always attract us with something and retain our attention to remain with him. He expects us to notice his attraction and be drawn to it. We are to make move towards the attraction of God and be magnetized by it. When this happens, he makes himself know and gives his message. It was when Moses got attracted to the sight and appreciated it by making moves that he discovered God. It was in this awful circumstance that he made his call on Moses. We must have a spiritual eye to discern things.

Beloved, humanly speaking one would say that the call God made to Moses was like looking for Moses’ rejection since he knows that the condition of Moses at that time required a no answer. He asked Moses to go to Pharaoh whom he was running away from; Pharaoh who is looking for him to kill. Does it mean God gives us difficult mission or impossible mission to carry out? In all these impossible and seeming difficult conditions the Lord sees his chosen free and does wonders making it possible to be realized. It is also surprising that Moses rejected the mission of leading the people of Israel in delivering them when actually prior this call he had started doing so. No one takes this honour upon himself except is called and chosen like Aaron. Perhaps this was what Moses did.

Beloved, the mysterious nature of God makes him do what Jesus said in the gospel today. He reveals things that he has hidden from those we expect to know and who are by the standard of the world wise to those the society call contemptible. These are those called the mere children. God made this revelation to Moses a man from a low background and very insignificant. Yes, for that is what it pleases him to do. God has in many ways called us to special mission and sometimes very difficult missions or tasks and we have given excuses and rejected doing so due to fear of humans and what they would say. What do we make of the privileged revelations and knowledge that God has impacted on us?

We pray that God may expose us to wonderful spiritual sights that would attract us and magnetize us to see and hear God. Whenever he calls and speaks to us in various circumstances, may we discern and follow his voice. We pray that fear may not make us refuse the tasks that God allots us despite how challenging and fearful they may be, Amen.

Rev. Fr. Callistus Emenyonu, cmf

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