Homily for Tuesday of the 3rd Week of Easter Year A

Homily for Tuesday of the 3rd Week of Easter Year A

Theme: The Bread of Life

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Tuesday, May 7 2019

(Jn. 6:30-35) Tuesday of the Third Sunday of Easter In today’s Gospel Jesus gives the discourse on the Bread of Life. He begins by stating that the manna which God gave through the intercession of Moses will only last them once digested. Jesus offers them the true and real bread of life. One that will not render them hungry and thirsty. Because it comes from God, it will give life to the world. Later, Jesus will refer to Himself as the Bread of Life.

The life of faith surpasses life on earth. Thus, we should not only ache for the bread which sustains our earthly hunger. We ought to seek the bread which will last us through life on earth to eternal life. Only God can give that. And God generously made it possible to be available through Jesus Christ. Later in the Gospel, Jesus will make that as a refrain. He is the Bread of Life.

It is for our own good to set this straight in ourselves. Nothing and no one on earth, in all Creation, can satisfy our need, both on this earth and in the life to come. Only Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life, can do that. Thus, it is our quest and goal to know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus. Knowing does not only having some facts available but also experiencing Him. Loving entails responding in the love He had rendered to us. And serving constitutes sharing our experiences of Jesus’ love for others. In theory words, we want to imbibe the Lord and be a witness for Him to others.

Bread is the staple of the Jews. Jesus, the bread of life, should be our main concern. We see Him as our guide, meaning, and life. He is our everything. He is our enough.

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