Homily for Tuesday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A (1)

Homily for Tuesday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A

Theme: The Good Shepherd

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Tuesday December 10 2019

(Mt. 18:12-14) Tuesday of the Second Week of Advent

In today’s Gospel Jesus tells the story of the Good Shepherd. Even if only one sheep is missing, he will go out of his way to find the missing one and temporarily leave the others. Jesus’ mission was to save all. When He reported to His Father, He claimed that no one was lost. Everyone was saved.

We can see here the kind of God we have. While human beings, at times, are willing to lose some, specially those they are very angry at and abhor because they are considered menace to society, God will not leave anyone. For God, every human being is important. Everyone was created in the image and likeness of God.
We were God’s best creation. We were given souls, free will, minds, and even considered in the Scriptures as even less than a god. God aptly gives us utmost care. Salvation is its summit.

Our coming into being says a lot. Science taught us that the sperm cell of a man should unite with the egg cell of a woman to create a human being. Women, once a month, produce an egg cell. On the other hand, men ejaculate hundreds of thousands of sperm cells. But only one of those thousands of sperms will meet the lone egg cell of the woman to become a human being. The chances to be that sperm cell is very small. Yet, we, who had been born, are those who made it to the egg cell first. Nature’s way? Yes , but in accordance with God’s will. In other words, becoming a human being is no accident. It is God’s will.

No wonder, God’s love for us is unconditional and immense. He even gave His only Son to die for us. He is merciful and forgiving. If we repent, He will welcome us back to His fold. God would not settle for 99 if there were a hundred. Everyone He created He loved. If we, human beings, could afford to dispense some of our fellow human beings, God would not. For God, each one has a chance and may change. Jesus, truly and perfectly is a Good Shepherd. Let us try to be a good and obedient sheep in return.

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