Homily for Tuesday of the 21st Week of the Ordinary Time – Year B (Feast of St Bartholomew)

St Bartholomew

Tuesday of the Twenty First Week in Ordinary Time. Year I (Feast of St Bartholomew, Apost., August 24). Reflection by

By: Rev Fr Oselumhense Anetor (Uromi Diocese)

Have you ever had to dress up real cool in anticipation of an interview? The nervousness, the trepidation, the fear of the unknown, and above these, the hope that all will come out well? Now imagine you had this interview, and a friend takes you to see the CEO of a large company. Instead of a regular house, you’re led to an awesome mansion, hanging out of the skies. It has the glitter of diamonds, with very high walls. Instead of security guards, you see angels in white robes standing before all twelve gates, with the mansion walls set on twelve solid stones, each of which has twelve names…

Phew! I bet even in your cool outfit, you’ll still feel an overwhelming sense of unworthiness. But imagine being led to the CEO, who looks straight at you and says, “Hmmmm. This man is incapable of deceit. He’s employed.” Your friend doesn’t have to say a thing about you to the CEO. Somehow, he sees straight through you and knows all there is to know. Friends, today, Jesus describes Bartholomew as “incapable of deceit”. These few words sum up his character. Being one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus, Roman Martyrology says he preached in India and Greater Armenia, where he was flayed and beheaded by King Astyages. When we come before God on the last day, what will He say about us? Only our words and actions can lead us to an answer. Now is the time to make known the glorious splendour of God’s reign.

May St Bartholomew’s prayers help us to be pure and incapable of deceit, Amen.

Good morning dear. God bless your day ahead. St Bartholomew pray for us!

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