Homily for Tuesday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time Year A (3)

Homily for Tuesday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Intention for the Day: Prayer that God would help us, do miracles in our lives that we in turn can glorify him with our life. Amen.

By: Fr. Cyril Akindele Osadare


Homily for Tuesday July 16 2019

Readings: Exodus 2:1-15a; Matthew 11:20-24

One of the problems we have mainly is that we often forget where we are coming from, what has happened to us in the past and what meaning our experiences and life history should be. Only if people truly understand why they were saved from accident, why we are alive today, why we got to the level we get to, we would not just appreciate more but seek to justify the reason for such and give more. That’s why people should learn to give back to the society that have given more to them.

In the first reading, we have to story of Moses whom was miraculously saved from the onslaught of Pharaoh’s orders of killing all male born of the Hebrews. Even though he was saved and trained in the palace of wealth of pharaoh by his daughter, he wasn’t carried away by such luxurious life and never forget of what origin he was and he properly understood what his life is saved for from the beginning that he was busy defending his people. Not so for the people of chorazin, caperaaum and bethsaida. They just took the miracles and graces of God for granted.

My dear friends, many of us are like the people of bethsaida because we seem to not understand the purpose of our existence. Many can’t even thank God for graces received and refused to allow those experiences of extraordinary power of God touch them and change them in any form. They remain unmoved despite what they had seen and experienced. Our life should be a song of glory to God who have touched us positively.

People with wealth should realise that it’s to help them serve God better and others. People with strong mind and knowledge should know it’s to build the community. People with great strength and good health should know it’s for lifting others who are weak. You are not alive or blessed for nothing. It’s to make God happy and people around us.

May the Lord help us to realise the purpose of our existence and experiences. Amen.