Homily for Thursday of the Christmas Weekday Year C.

Homily for Thursday of the Christmas Weekday Year C.

Theme: The Christmas and New Year
celebrations remind us of who we really are despite of many things happening to and around us, and despite of what other people think and
say about us.

By: Fr. Magnilay Tayo


In the Gospel (John 1:19-28), we hear the testimony of Saint John the Baptist about himself, in response to the questions imposed to him by the priests and Levites. Now this may seem very strange because we would usually hear his character during the Advent Season. But here, John proclaims that he is not the Christ, and his mission is to be the voice in the desert, telling the people to prepare the way of the Lord. He also tells them the reason of his Baptism, yet the Baptism Christ’s gives is greater than his because it is with the Holy Spirit and fire.

My dear brothers and sisters, the reason why Saint John the Baptist appears in the second day of the year is because of humility. Christmas reminds us of the humble birth of the Savior, who, though divine, came into our existence except sin, so that he could teach us the way of living as adopted children of the Father and redeem us from the ancient slavery of sin. And the Baptist reminds us that despite of everything we are, whether leaders or assistants, popular or ordinary, rich or poor alike, we still have a Lord who is above all our Savior, King, and friend. And Jesus calls us to be witnesses of his light to others, especially as we start another year ahead.

So as we journey down this Christmas road, like Saint John the Baptist, let us be humble at all times and witnesses to the light of the Word- made-flesh.

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