Homily for Thursday of the 5th Week of Lent Year A (1)

Homily for Thursday of the 5th Week of Lent Year A


By: Fr. Ben Agbo


Homily for Thursday April 2 2020

* Gen 17: 3 – 9, Jn 8: 51 – 59
‘The Lord keeps his covenant ever in mind’, Ps 105: 8. God’s covenant with Abraham was an everlasting covenant with everlasting promises to his descendants: ‘I will be their God’.

It was a covenant of obedience. Abraham impressed God tremendously after the renewal of this covenant from Gen 17. Sarah was to conceive thereafter and Isaac was born to convince Abraham that the coming of Ishmael was actually a mistake. God was more than faithful in fulfilling all his promises. He had to sound Abraham a final warning: ‘I am Elshadai, walk before me and be blameless’. That was why, when the next trial came about the instruction to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham did not hesitate in showing God complete obedience, Gen 22.

In today’s gospel, Jesus says it clearly to the Jews: ‘If anyone keeps my word he will never taste death’. Immortality is the reward for obedience. In Covenant Theology, two most prominent words encountered in all bilateral covenants are; promise and obedience. Whenever we have a covenant with God, we must try to obey the terms of the agreement. Many problems people have today especially in business and marriage are due to broken covenants, Mal 2: 14. Our society is growing more and more lawless and irreligious because people make covenants with God and break them with impunity.

Many are entering into covenants with demonic agents; political covenants, business covenants, religious covenants, etc. People in search of husbands, children, healing and deliverance, have gone into very dangerous covenants with evil spirits making a mess of their baptismal, eucharistic and matrimonial covenants. Many Christians commune with pythons, marine and witchcraft spirits and come back to the Eucharist – which is supposed to be a new covenant with the body and blood of Christ, Lk 22: 20. This creates an inalienable disconnect which only a covenant of obedience can remedy. The best way to heal our “family roots” is to sincerely enter into a new covenant of obedience sealed in Eucharistic communion. We need to put our faith perfectly anchored on this new covenant.

May God bless you today!

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