Homily for Thursday of the 3rd Week of Advent (4)


Homily for Thursday of the 3rd Week of Advent

Theme: The Lord calls us back!

By: Rev Fr Oselumhense Anetor (Uromi Diocese)


Homily for Thursday December 16 2021

Is.54:1-10; Luke 7:24–30

No matter how far away from home we go, we get a longing to come back. There’s indeed no place like home. There’s not a single one of us who hasn’t imagined what heaven will be like. Yes! This is because heaven is our true home. And when we stray, we need to return. Isaiah has so much encouragement for us in the first reading today. Yes, break into cries of joy and expand your coast, for the Lord’s love for us will never cease.

Friends, the joys of heaven cannot be substituted for any material pleasure here on earth. The pleasure of sin, the fame and glory that wealth brings, the money in the bank, the many academic degrees… all come to nothing without a sense of direction towards our heavenly home. Take John the Baptist for instance. He was the greatest of all those born of women, but Jesus said the least in the Kingdom of heaven was greater. The people listened and were baptised. Are we listening to God’s word today?

Good morning dear. God bless your day ahead.

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