Homily for Thursday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I (2)

Homily for Thursday of the 3rd Week in Ordinary Time Cycle I

Theme: The Mission of Jesus Christ

By: Fr Francis Onwnali


Homily for Thursday January 28 2021

The readings of today continue making known the mission and ministry of Jesus: the announcing of the Good News and forgiveness of sin.

The author of the first reading (Heb 10: 11-18) relates the forgiveness of sin granted by Jesus’ perfect sacrifice of Himself. Once God has forgiven sins through Jesus’ death and resurrection, there is no longer a need to have more sacrifices offered. All other rites only celebrate and “make present” the “once for all” sacrifice of Jesus. The Holy Spirit assures us of this as the Lord said: I will put my laws into their hearts and write them on their minds. I will never call their sins to mind, or their offences.

The gospel of Mark (Mark 4: 1-20) presents to us the parable of the sower. The summary of this parable is the effect of our willingness and preparedness in accepting the word of God.
Dear friends, the Word of God is active and alive (Heb. 4: 12). Our disposition towards the Word of God brings forth it’s desired abundant fruit in our lives. However, it is in union with the Holy Spirit that this can be realized. The Spirit of Truth will teach us, causing us to remember what has been taught, bearing witness with us to the Word and leading us into the Truth ( *Dominum et Vivificantem* 6).

I pray as we journey in life today, we will, like the disciples, seek to spend time with Jesus, so that through the power of His Spirit, insight into the richness of His Word will be given us. May the nourishing fruit of His Word bear a hundredfold in our lives. Have a good yield-full day!

Fr Francis Onwnali

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