Homily for Thursday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A (1)

Homily for Thursday of the 2nd Week of Advent Year A

Theme: True Greatness

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Thursday December 12 2019

(Mt. 11:11-15) Thursday of the Second Week of Advent
In today’s Gospel Jesus gives us an idea of true greatness. He made mention of the greatness of John the Baptist who prepared His way by preaching the Good News of salvation through repentance. The greatness of John also lies in the fact that he assumed humility before the Jesus, the one who is truly great. Yet Jesus mentioned another greatness. To belong to the Kingdom is everyone’s greatness, in fact, greater than the greatness of John.

Muhammad Ali claimed to be the greatest at one point. His greatness went with his age and health. The Beatles, a sixties famous group, believed they were great. But their age caught up with them and their disbandment brought about their fall. Pharaoh thought that he can defeat the God of Israel. He was wrong. His power and claim to greatness was nothing compared to Yahweh. Greatness is more than power or fame, or authority. Greatness is belonging to the Kingdom. Indeed, one who has attained eternal life is far greater than any greatness on earth.

It is that greatness which we must aspire. Earthly greatness requires great talents, wealth, opportunities, luck, and position of power. Heavenly greatness only needs total faith in God and emptying of oneself. Jesus gave us an example of that greatness. He was God yet He humbled Himself by assuming our state. He was always faithful to His Father and obedient unto death. He met death but rose to life again. His greatness is in His trust and obedience to the Father.

Jesus also pointed out the greatness of children. They are dependent on their parents. They are obedient to them. And they are aware that without their parents, they are nothing. When applied to God, by being childlike, we become great before God. Greatness is expected from every Christian. No less.

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