THEME: Ready or Not!

BY: Deacon Bill Frere



Matthew 24:4-51

It has been a tough week here at St. Robert Bellarmine School. Kindergarten through 8th Grade started a new school year on Monday and yesterday it was the first day for Pre-School and Pre-K kids. You could see it in the eyes of the parents – a great deal of tears being shed and a very healthy supply of tissues in use. And you could see it in the body language of the little ones – heads staring down at the ground, a shrugging of the shoulders, and that look of sadness and fear and feeling all alone and lost!

It was a day of letting go and moving forward! It was a day of ‘are they ready to start school?’ and ‘Am I ready to let go?’ and ‘where did Mommy go?’ Equal parts heart-breaking and hopeful!

Remember that first day back to school when we were little? Maybe we were excited? Maybe upset that the summer was over? Maybe glad that we get to see our friends again or nervous about meeting new ones? Maybe worried about a new teacher, new classes, new homework! But do we remember all the work, all the preparation that our parents went through to get us ready for that day? Shopping for school supplies, new clothes/uniforms! Trips to the grocery store for extra food to make for school lunch! Maybe even getting us up early weeks before school started so that we were back on schedule.

Our parents probably spent weeks getting us ready for that first day of school. And for many of us, we are doing exactly the same thing this week, getting our kids ready for school. And why do we do it? Because we love our kids and we want to keep them safe and protected! We want to make sure they are prepared for the new day, for the new school year, and a changed reality! And so we prepare ourselves and our kids! We get ready!

And so it is with today’s Gospel and the story of the faithful and unfaithful servant. The faithful servant is always ready, always prepared for the return of the master. And the unfaithful one wastes his time and never looks to the future. Too late, he rushes at the last minute to make up for all the lost time and opportunities. We are all called to be ready for the return of the master; it is not a simple last minute rush; it’s a lifelong preparation. It requires faith and dedication and yes, even love. It requires the sort of effort we put in to get our kids ready for school and, dare I say, for life. It is an unquestioning faith in the future and an unconditional love for each other and for the Master!

Creator of all, keep us focused today and every day on our one true purpose – to serve You! Guide us; lead us to always be ready to answer the call to turn our faith in You into an active love for each other.

Deacon Bill Frere

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