Homily for Thursday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time Year A (1)

Homily for Thursday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time Year A

Theme: Death rather than sin

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


Homily for Thursday August 8 2019

(Mt. 16:13-23) Thursday of the Eighteenth Week in Ordinary Time, Memorial of St. Dominic

n today’s Gospel Jesus asked His apostles who people say He was. Jesus was verifying how He had been coming across the Jews. Was He on track and fulfilling His mission?

Apparently, He was seen as one of the prophets but not the Messiah. His background coupled with the image of the Jews of the Messiah made them doubt Jesus’ claim. Besides, Jesus was nearing His death. It was the opportune time for Him to entrust to them the healing sacrament of reconciliation. After Peter professed JESUS as the Messiah, He gave them the keys to heaven.

We also remember St. Dominic Savio today. He was the youngest non- martyr canonized as saint before Jacinta and Francisco, the visionaries of Fatima, were canonized. St. Dominic was a student of St. John Bosco. It was his testimony, when he wrote St. Dominic’s biography, that provided the information about his life and pushed his sainthood.

St. Dominic lived a holy life. Many can identify with him. He was a prayerful boy and a good child to his parents. His first communion was very meaningful for him. He made some promises because of the grace of receiving the Lord. The famous one was , “Death rather than sin.”

Jesus saw the need to give opportunities for us to reconcile. He was aware of our weaknesses. But He would appreciate the attitude of St. Dominic. We should be glad there is always the sacrament. We hope we will not avail of it like what St. Dominic wished.

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