Homily for Thursday December 24th 2020 (MORNING) (2)


Homily for Thursday December 24th 2020 (MORNING)

Theme: THE CANTICLE OF ZECHARIAH.….” Comes from on high as a rising sun shining on those who live in darkness”

By: Fr. Ignasi FABREGAT i Torrents


Homily for Thursday December 24 2020

Today, the Gospel gathers Zechariah’s song of praise after the birth of his son. In its first part John the Baptist’s father thanks God, and in the second, his eyes look forward into the future. He oozes joy and hope on recognizing the salvific action of God toward Israel, which culminates in the coming of the Messiah, prepared by his own son John.

We already know that Zechariah had been punished by God because of his skepticism. Now, however, that the divine action has been made real —as he has recovered his ability to speak— says what he before could express only in his heart: «Blessed be the Lord God of Israel» (Lk 1:68). How Many times do we see the dark side of things, negatively, in a pessimistic way! If only we had the supernatural vision of the facts that Zechariah shows in the Benedictus, we would be constantly living in joy and hope.

«The Lord is at hand; the Lord is here». The forerunner’s father is conscious of the fact that the arrival of the Messiah means, above all, light. A light that illuminates those who live in darkness and in the shadow of death. Us! May we realize with full consciousness that Jesus came to illuminate our lives, that he is coming to guide us, to point out the way to go… It would be great if we were to allow Him guide us with His desires, with the hope he has invested in us!

Jesus is the “Lord” (cf. Lk 1:68.76), but he is also the “Savior” (cf. Lk 1:69). These two attributes that Zechariah points to about God, so close to Christmas eve, have always surprised me, because they are precisely the same ones that the Angel of the Lord will assign to Jesus in its announcement to the shepherds and that we will hear touchingly tonight at Midnight Mass. It is God Himself who is born!

Fr. Ignasi FABREGAT i Torrents
(Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain)

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