Homily for Thursday after Epiphany Year C. (1)

Homily for Thursday after Epiphany Year C.

Theme: Fulfilment of the Word of God

By: Fr. Benny Tuazon


(Mt. 4:14-22) Thursday After Epiphany

In today’s Gospel Jesus went to the synagogue and read the scroll as was customary. Everyone was stunned when He claimed that what He read were fulfilled in their hearing. Indeed it was true but it was hard for His listeners to believe that the Messiah is within their midst.

Jesus was a good Jew. His parents had taught Him their faith and formed Him accordingly. He fulfilled everything according to the Jewish faith. To think that He was God, yet He willingly went through all of what we went through. It was kenosis in action!

It was a testimony to His love for us. He also showed and proved to us that we can live the life God wanted us to live. Fully human, He was subject to everything we were subject to. And He was triumphant.

We, too, can be triumphant. We, too, can lead and live our humanity towards the Kingdom. In our obedience to God’s will, God’s Word is fulfilled.

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