Homily for the Third Sunday of Advent (Gaudate Sunday), Year C

Homily: Today being the third Sunday of Advent, the Holy Mother Church called it “Gaudete Sunday” by presenting to us what inspires true joy in our lives. In your profession, how do you acquire true joy? Many have acquired deception in the name of joy by being stingy, injustice and exploitative to others. When your action diminished the joy in others, ur own joy becomes deceptive mirage and will soon disappear. But when we act in accordance with the Gospel of Luke 3:10-18, by responding to what John the Baptist says, share what you have with others, do not exploit the ugly situation of others in other to enrich yourself or maximize your power over people through violence.
Thus shared joy is a multiple joy and it diffuses far and near. As u remained focus in responding to these challenges in our Christian vocation, may God glorify you and your family more more at the hour of your need. Happy Sunday.

-Fr Emmanuel Nwokeji

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