Homily for the Solemnity of Christ the King Year B (7)

Homily for the Solemnity of Christ the King Year B

Theme: KING With a Difference.

By: Fr. Gerald M. Musa


Homily for Sunday November 21 2021

Mansa Kankan Musa of Mali was a powerful emperor in Africa in the 14th century. He was called by several titles such as Lord of the Mines of Wangara, Lion of Mali, and conqueror of Ghanata. His territory extended beyond Mali to several countries of Africa. The story of this African emperor provides us with a glimpse of the power and wealth that are often associated with kings and emperors. Mansa Musa’s kingship is unlike the kingship of Jesus. Prophet Daniel prophesied about a king (Jesus) who will be given “dominion and glory and kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him” (Daniel 7:14). The book of Revelation describes him (Jesus) as the “Alpha and Omega” (Revelation 1:8). Despite all these powers, Jesus was as humble as the flame of a candle. Jesus describes the nature of his kingdom, saying, “My kingdom does not belong to this world” (John 18:36) and said his mission is “To bear witness to the truth” (John 18:36- 37). From his kingship, we learn that a leader, king, queen, the president should be truthful, humble, peaceful, and one who has an intimate relationship with God and a servant leader. In November, the last Sunday of the liturgical year we celebrate the solemnity of Christ the Universal King. Let us imitate his life and leadership as we celebrate him. A spiritual writer, Paul W. Harrison says, “Wherever God rules over the human heart as King, there is the Kingdom of God established.”

Daniel 7:13-14; Rev. 1:5-8; John 18:33b-37; Christ the King Sunday

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