Homily for the fourth Sunday of Advent, Year C

Homily: Welcome to the last Sunday of Advent; season of preparation. Every preparation ends with watchfulness. Awaiting for successful reception.
We are eagerly awaiting for the birthday of our saviour. In human thought, there are certain places where certain people could be emerged. There are certain privileges reserved for certain people. There are certain places prepared for certain special people. There are certain allocations preserved for some first born or first citizens of every family, community, state or nation.
Today, the readings (Micah 5:1-4a, Heb. 10:5-10, Luke 1:39-45) partly or partially reminded us the predominant nature of God in our lives and things concerning humanity and divinity in our religion. God chooses us in order to use us. The great redeemer of lsrael was chosen from the Bethlehem; the little clan among the clans of Judah. God can do marvelous works using people who in human terms are unsuitable or who, in the eyes of men would not have the power. In which ever way u found yourself, remember you are a chosen instrument to be used by God.
Mary was chosen to be the mother of our saviour. She carried God in her womb. She became an Ark of Covenant, an Ark of joy, an Ark of humility and Ark of blessings to all around her, even to Elizabeth. What Ark do you want to be to others? Ark of good tidings or Ark of bad news? As we obey the voice of God and trust him in every thing, may we remained Ark of blessings to all around us and with us. Happy 4th Sunday of Advent.

-Fr Emmanuel Nwokeji

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