Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family Year C 

Homily for the Feast of the Holy Family Year C

Theme: God’s interest in Family life

By: Fr. Cosmas Ukadike, C.M.


Homily: From the beginning of creation, God has indicated his interest in family life. After creating Adam, he needed to make a family, so he went ahead and made Eve (Gen 2,22-24). ,so as to have a father, mother and from them children.

In today’s celebration, the church clearly depicts the importance of family life and using the model of the Holy family of Nazareth, she emphasizes the need for all families to emulate and be like the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. In today’s first reading we are presented with a family dedication and thanksgiving of their son (1Sam. 1,20-28).

The family of Elkanah, Hannah and Samuel came up to the temple of the Lord with praise and thanksgiving to God for answered prayers. This passage is presented here to teach us as a family, the need to pray together and do things generally in common; with one heart and mind. Not also forgetting the aspect of fulfilling our promises and vows to the Lord our God.

Today’s Gospel presents us with the example of the Holy family of Nazareth. We are to note that they were first humans before becoming holy. In the Gospel account of today, Mary and Joseph thought that Jesus was on his way back from the temple with others who had come from the same direction with them.

But unknown to them, the little Jesus stayed back in the temple and gave himself the task of further teaching and learning (Lk 2, 41-52). The absence of Jesus at home and his consequently unknown destination, at that point must have caused much confusion and pain to the parents.

Nevertheless they took the pains to search for him and even after finding him, his response was not one of a remorse.

One would have thought that after doing and being where he was not given the permission to, he would have apologized. But on the contrary, he responded by saying he must be about his father’s affairs.

As a family, we must realize that there are bound to be difficult and challenging moments. The way and manner we go about handling and resolving them, says a lot about our maturity and love of God and neighbour.

Let us therefore be inspired by the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and make our families like there’s.

God bless our families

Fr. Cosmas Ukadike, C.M.

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