Homily for the Feast of St. Luke, the Evangelist

Homily for the Feast of St. Luke, the Evangelist

Theme: Preaching the good news of salvation

By: Fr. Francis Onwunali


Homily for Monday October 18 2021

Today is the Feast of St. Luke, Evangelist. St. Luke, the inspired author of the third Gospel and of the Acts of the Apostles, was a native of Antioch in Syria and a physician, and one of the early converts from paganism. He accompanied St. Paul on a considerable part of his missionary journey. He was also his companion while in prison at Rome on two different occassions. Luke’s Gospel, is above all, the Gospel of the Merciful Heart of Jesus. It emphasizes the fact that Christ is the salvation of all people, especially of the repentant sinner and of the lowly. Luke painted the most beautiful word-picture of Blessed Virgin Mary ever written. The message of today’s readings dwells on the task of faithfully spreading the Good News of Salvation.

In the first reading (2 Timothy 4: 10-17), St. Paul sends out some of his followers to different faith communities he has established and warns Timothy to be careful of those who are out to subvert the content of the Good News they have preached. He acknowledges Luke as a trusted friend and companion who has been with him in the course of his ordeal. Are you a trusted and reliable friend?
In the gospel (Luke 10: 1-9), Jesus “apostles” those disciples who have come to believe in Him, sending them out to the places He Himself was to visit. He charges them with the message of peace, to set those in bondage free and to announce that the Kingdom of God is near.

Dear friends, as believers baptized into Christ, this task of faithfully spreading the Good News is not an option but a mandate. Our fathers in faith encountered challenges while bearing the Good News, but they remained resolute. Today, we honour them. When challenges come to you on account of the Gospel, do not waver, Jesus, saves!

I pray as we journey in life today, our lives should be a living witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are called to be both sowers of the Word and harvesters of the fruits of the Word. May we be counted among those who the Psalmist prays for today: “Your friends, O Lord, shall make known the glorious splendour of your reign” (Ps.145: 12). Have a courageous-full day to spread the Good News!

Fr. Francis Onwunali

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