Homily for the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C (4)

Homily for the 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C


By: Fr. Cosmas Ukadike, C.M.


Homily for Sunday, February 24 2019

To be compassionate is to show a feeling of sympathy, empathy and concern for others. Other synonyms of it includes; pitying, caring, sensitive, tender-hearted, merciful, lenient, considerate, benevolent and kind.

Dear friends if you are compassionate, you feel other people’s pain and struggles as though they were your own.

This is true of what David felt for Saul as we see in today’s first reading. Saul did not only feel threatened that David was coming to take over his throne, but he saw himself losing popularity and relevance among the people. So he went out to wage war against David in other to kill him.

But since the Lord was with David, he did not allow the evil plot against him to prevail and so, the Lord handed David’s enemy into his hands. (1 Sam 26, 2, 7-9)

David had ample opportunity to deal with Saul for plotting evil against him, but he rather had compassion on him. In spite of the pressure been mounted on him to strike Saul dead, he held his calm as he considered the struggle and pains of Saul, and what he was passing through at the moment.(1 Sam 26, 11-23). This is a great show of compassion.

When St. Paul was speaking of being modeled according to the heavenly man, in today’s second reading, he was actually referring to us conforming ourselves to the pattern of Christ the compassionate one (1 Cor. 15,45-49), that is , we must transcend from the realm of nature; “the earthly man”, to the “Heavenly man”.

When we begin to see ourselves as citizens of heaven, then we will be acting like citizens of heaven; being compassionate as our heavenly father is.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus devoted the whole of his message on compassion and love. (Lk. 6, 27-38).

In fact, he was so radical in his teaching that he commanded his followers to “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES AND DO GOOD FOR THEM” (Lk. 6, 27). That was exactly what David did for Saul, he loved him and spared his life. Being compassionate is an expression of God’s love towards a neighbor. Even when in your own calculations, you think the neighbor is not deserving of it.

Being compassionate calls for an extra mile, not loving only those who love us, but loving as well, those who do not wish us well. This is Christian love, and it is capable of arresting and transforming the hearts of men.

Christian love of compassion, has a great reward, God does not forget those who put this into practice, he makes them His Sons and Daughters (Lk. 6, 35 ) and a full measure of God’s love, pressed down, and running over awaits them (Lk. 6, 37-38).

May we find grace to become compassionate as our heavenly father is compassionate.

Have a fruitful week.

Fr. Cosmas Ukadike, C.M.

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