Today, we see Jesus «writing on the ground with his finger» (Jn 8:6), just like He was busy and, at the same time, absent minded in some more important chore than having to listen to those accusing that woman brought to him because «she has been caught in the act of adultery» (Jn 8:3).

We must pay attention to Jesus Christ’s peace of mind and sense of humor, even in moments that for others may be of great stress. In our present days, that slip away at breakneck speed, twisting and compressing our nerves on great many occasions, this is a practical lesson for each one of us.

The silent and funny escape of the accusers, reminds us that God is the only one who can judge us and that we are all sinners. In our daily life, in our work, in our family or friendly relations, we often make value judgements. More than once, our judgement is wrong and harms others’ good fame; which is a true lack of justice that forces us to retraction. And this is not always so easy. Upon contemplating Jesus amidst that “filthy mess” of accusers, we may very well understand what saint Thomas Aquinas pointed out: «In every work of God both justice and mercy are united and they support each other. Justice without mercy is cruelty; and mercy without justice is ruin, destruction».

Let us fill us with joy knowing for sure God forgives us everything, absolutely everything we ever did, are doing, or will do, through repentance in the sacrament of confession. In these Lenten days, in the sacrament of reconciliation, we have the splendid opportunity to go to whom is rich in mercy.
And, in addition, a concrete resolve for today: when I shall look at the others, I shall say deep in my heart the same words Jesus said: «Neither do I condemn you» (Jn 8:11).

Fr. Pablo ARCE Gargollo

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