Homily for the 4th Sunday of Lent Year A (4)

Homily for the 4th Sunday of Lent Year A

Theme: JESUS HEALS MAN BORN BLIND….. “Go and wash”

By: Fr. Joan Ant. MATEO i García


Homily for Sunday March 22 2020

Today, in the Fourth Sunday of Lent —also called rose or “laetare” (rejoice) Sunday— all the liturgy invites us to experience a deep joy, a great exultation, because Easter is getting nearer.

Jesus was a factor of great joy for that man who had been blind from birth, and who received his eyesight from Him along with the gift of his spiritual light. The blind believed and he received Christ’s light. On the other hand, those Pharisees, so engulfed in their own wisdom and light, remained blinded because of their heart hardness and their sins. In fact, «they refused to believe that the man had been blind and had recovered his sight» (Jn 9:18).

How essential it is Christ’s light to face reality in its right true dimension! Without the light of faith we should be almost blind. We have been bestowed with Christ’s light and we need our life to go on being enlighted by this light. Even more so, this light must flare in the sanctity of life so that it may appeal to those who are still unaware of it. All this means conversion and personal growth in Charity. Especially in this time of Lent and in this final stage. St. Leo the Great exhorts us: «Although, it is always good to exercise ourselves in the virtue of Charity, these days of Lent invite us to, in a more urgent manner».

One unique thing can move us away from the light and joy Jesus Christ gives us, and this is sin; trying to live far from Lord’s light. Unfortunately, many —at times, even ourselves— go deeply into this dark and gloomy road until losing the light and peace. Out of his own experience, St. Augustine, claimed that there is nothing unhappier than the happiness of those who sin.

Easter is getting near and the Lord wants to communicate us all the joy of Resurrection. Let us prepare ourselves to receive and celebrate it. «Go and wash» (Jn 9:7), Jesus tells us… To wash in the purifying waters of the Sacrament of Pennance! We shall find again the light and the joy and we shall better accomplish our best preparation for Easter.

Fr. Joan Ant. MATEO i García
(La Fuliola, Lleida, Spain

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